Thursday, July 15, 2010

How To Drive Adoption For Your Enterprise 2.0 Deployment with Videos

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You may have heard this before, but I think it's worth repeating. I consider myself a newbie in the world of Enterprise 2.0. I started blogging internally at IBM about 4 years ago (even though our blogging platform has been around for almost 8 years). At the same time, I became an avid social bookmarker (again, even though our social bookmarking platform has been around for about 6 years). So what took me so long to get started?

Back in 2006, I was working in IBM's consulting organization. Deadlines were tight. Connectivity was scarce as I was constantly traveling. I was inundated in emails (most were from different people asking the same question) and stuck in mail jail. So did I really have time to "play" with these technologies? What's in it for me?

It wasn't until I caught up a video of one of our internal Enterprise 2.0 evangelists, Luis Suarez (which ended up being a recording of a Lunch-N-Learn I missed). The video concentrated on social bookmarking and how it's a great way to improve efficiency and productivity. What I really liked about the video was that it was focused on the employee and the benefits they would personally get from using these tools. After watching the video, I decided to give it a try, and got hooked!

And if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that Lotus Knows I like Videos. To that end, an IBMer has produced a set of short clipss, each centered around a specific feature of Enterprise 2.0 (e.g. microblogging, wikis, file sharing, etc) and how it can solve day-to-day business challenges. Of course, these clips are centered around Lotus Connections, but I could see how these could be adjusted for other platforms. Thus, feel free to use these videos to promote adoption of your Lotus Connections deployment (or simply to get some ideas for your own).

File Sharing




Tasks & Activities


Profiles & Tags

Microblogging (Pt 2)

Social Bookmarking

I bet that one of these stories resonates with your day to day work. What's your favorite? Wikis really resonated with me.