Monday, February 7, 2011

Lotusphere 2011: Media Coverage

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As I'm now back home I've been catching up with my feed reader and all the press coverage that was generated by #ls11 or Lotusphere 2011. My plan was to tweet these links out to the #ls11 stream but I figured it might be easier for historical purposes to capture them all in one blog post. So here's a big chunk of the media coverage generated from Lotusphere (mostly in English since that's what I could understand). Needless to say, I'm psyched with all this coverage around social business.

From the social side, Twitter generated tons of buzz with more than 21,000 tweets from over 2000 contributors:

Notable Tweets:

@monkchips Alistair Rennie is the perfect GM for Lotus right now. alpha geek in a suit. he knows developers are not a commodity #ls11

@rwang0 MyPOV: IBM has all the pieces for #socbiz, Microsoft and Oracle barely scratching the surface. Cisco trying to get there. #ls11 #ensw

@pgreenbe #ls11 #lotusphere IBM amazes me on the whole #socialbusiness thing. They are not only eating their own dogfood, they're breeding their own dogs!

@JohnFMoore @IBMAndrea The Trinidad pres on their use of #mobile was best pres I've seen at #ls11 so far, really good #egov

@KathleenLau Kathleen Lau (news story) IBM exec says Lotus on mobile platforms needs consistency + How RIM sees the Lotus-RIM relationship #ls11

@JohnFMoore #ls11 #lotussphere Lotus always ate it's own dogfood", IBM doing the same with Social Business solutions. This is key to success

On TV:

  • ABC and NBC: click here

On Magazines:


Pretty much all the press that I've seen is extremely positive. Do you have a favorite article ? Did I miss another good one? I still have many feeds to catch up on so I'll update as needed.

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